Comcast to Halifax and surrounding areas

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The PEOPLE OF Wayne Township and Jackson Township in Halifax, Dauphin County PA are requesting that COMCAST come to our community. There is a large want and need for this service.
We need fast internet service for the community. Children in our community need it for school and people in general need it for work and also general use. This is the day and age of technology and we should have the option for high speed internet .Frontier is available in the area, but most customers spend more time without internet because they cannot keep up with the demand and upgrades needed to provide to the customers. We also need an option other than Satellite for television. Frontier and Hughes Net are the only options to us.
So, we would like our Wayne Township and Jackson Township SUPERVISORS, to send this petition to Comcast immediately. That way we can get a response from COMCAST in a timely manner because we know they will have to get an assessment of the area and do their own studies to see if this is even probable. This will take time, but at the same time we want the service and need this request to be taken seriously and action needs to happen sooner rather than later. 


I have been speaking to Comcast over the months and I was recently told I either need to pay the out of pocket fee to receive Comcast, or start a petition and take to my township supervisors for them to take to Comcast and try and work something out.