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Wayne to be able to study broadcast performance

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As a student in a free country, I believe that we have the right to choose what we want to study. I may choose to look at this situation two ways. Firstly, as a paying student I am entitled to study what I wish to so long as I have the merit to support me. Secondly, the fact that I am entitled is irrelevant and it is the lack of support from my lecturers that is an issue.

Anyone can pay their way through education, which is why I won't focus on that. It is the complete failure to support students in their aspirations that triggers me. When I say lack of support, it is a serious understatement. I have been blatantly deemed incompetent of studying Broadcast as a module by my lecturers.

The MOE manifesto sets out what the motives and intentions of Singaporean teachers should be, but I have come to realise that a majority of its statements have not been fulfilled

"Where the world sees failure, teachers spot potential."

No student should have to place their faith and trust in an educator just to be deemed incompetent of studying what they desire to. If I'm not given the chance to prove myself then you as teachers are going against the morals you supposedly uphold as a teacher by not even exploring my potential.

“When everyone is searching for the right answers, teachers are encouraging the right questions.”

I was turned down for broadcast for just one reason: I didn't have what the teachers were looking for. Oh I’m sorry I didn't know I was auditioning for Singapore Idol. I thought this was for broadcast performance, my bad.

Not only was I rejected, I was given no further explanation as to why other than the fact that I did not meet their “requirements”.

How is one supposed to be encouraged to ask the right questions when his questions are constantly shot down without valid reason?

“While others are focused solely on the result, teachers thoughtfully consider the effort.”

I have shown in my previous elective module, Film Theory & Criticism, that when I study something that interests me, I will put forth my very best effort.

When it came to the assessment, I did my best and scored a commendable grade that shocked my teacher. I do believe I've proven that my efforts are significant, and as such should be given equal consideration. And if results are what you teachers care about, don’t worry because I’ll be striving for the best. Not to make you look good, but for myself.

I decided to change my course when everyone told me I wouldn’t be successful and learning broadcast was a major factor in my decision.

After being rejected, I was the only one appealed. This shows that I truly have the desire to study broadcast. If you are turning me down because I am a difficult student to teach, then it is you who is incompetent of being a teacher for giving up on a student so easily.

I have had a few 1-on-1 talks with our new course manager and these were his exact words. “You are a bright student and you can be very smart when you want to apply yourself.”

If my course manager believes that I have potential, and is clear on the fact that I have a strong passion for this module, why am I still being rejected?

The mere fact that we have to audition for this elective is already absurd to me. I have gone above and beyond to show the school my passion and interest in this module. I strongly believe that I should be given the chance to study Broadcast as I have not seen any other student in my year with as much determination as me to study this elective.

Thank you for taking the time to read my petition.




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