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Ban Circus Animal Acts in the United States

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Banning circus animal acts will stop animal mistreatment and circuses will be safer to the public. These poor animals are basically in animal jail for about 96% of their lives. Frustrated by the years of torture, these animals can be a threat to the public since they try to escape every chance they get endangering the lives of families when the animals perform. 

Chris DeRose, LCA's (Last Chance for Animals) President and Founder, states how his undercover investigator found out that circuses steal animal infants from their mothers, torture them using different methods and tools to make them perform ridiculous tricks out of fear and domination, fail to follow simple federal standards of care for the animals, and having them locked up for up to 11 months on the road in cramped, filthy boxcars and trailers.  

The CAPS (Captive Animals' Protection Society), talks about the things that can go wrong when a powerful wild animal is held captive for entertainment. In a documentary called "Circus Animal Rampage" on Storyville, there was an episode about Tyke, a circus elephant who went on rampage in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1994, killed her trainer, and got shot 87 times to her death. 

When you go to the circus where they still have circus animal acts, you are helping the problem financially and putting you and your family's life at risk. Help stop the suffrage of these innocent animals being used for entertainment and protect them instead by not going to circuses with animals and signing this petition. 


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