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Wayne Jack should resign or not have his contract renewed

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As citizens and ratepayers of Napier it is our duty to take a serious look at our representatives and their actions and to challenge the Local Government, its members and particularly its CEO when required.

Since the day Wayne Jack was employed in 2013, we have had nothing but spin and confusion. We have been consistently mislead. 

Council Plans are changed with cost overruns in all projects to date. The surplus has been blown and city debt substantially increased despite rate increases of 5% in this year alone. 

We have witnessed gross mismanagement for the last four years.
The entire time our councillors have either been skipping to Mr Jack's tune or have been gagged.

For this negligence Mr Jack received a $30,000 pay rise and promptly fired most of senior managers of the city. 

The Council and CEO have failed to carry out their responsibilities in a manner consistent with reasonable due diligence and good faith. 

The Council and the CEO and have consistently refused community involvement and input when making decisions, despite the clear legislative requirement to do so and has generally failed to act on behalf of the public good as the recent War Memorial fiasco has demonstrated. 

It is our duty to protect the city of Napier from more of  this mismanagement, debt and misery.

Therefore, We demand the non-renewal of Wayne Jack’s contract. 

Following are just some examples of Mr Jack’s mismanagement and the Napier City Council’s failures.

MTG (Museum)
Under Mr Jack we have had massive failures regarding this $18-million refurbishment:
- inflating visitor numbers by counting people transiting from one street to the next or  using the toilets
-   designing a building that is incapable of holding the full collection of artifacts
-   the site of the building holding these precious treasures is right on the waterfront where it is vulnerable to a tsunami
- not getting the expected revenue because of misleading numbers
 - Yet ignored written and oral submissions from the public advising the council of the errors.

At this time Mr Dalton was Chair of the Finances and Funding Committee for this project before becoming Mayor. 
The public was not asked for any input and any offered was ignored. 

Not long after, Mr Dalton was elected Mayor. His act was to appoint himself onto the Museums Trust and all public information regarding any issues ceased.

Our treasures are still not stored on site leaving Napier ratepayers paying $12,500 a month because the new museum was built too small.

Art Deco Buses 
Napier's $1.3m tourist buses sold for $50k.

Sacking of 90 staff in a restructure where the only change was the names of the departments. Napier City lost years of knowledge that now requires ratepayers to spend additional sums on consults that in turn has created low morale with council staff who are now too scared to speak up.

Staff morale is at an all time low.

The report said Napier had under-invested in roading and water services. In order to get the need infrastructure up to standard with the rest of the region, Napier now needs to go into deficit of $45 million. This despite a prior surplus and rate increases substantially above the rate of inflation.

The destruction of the Napier Skateclub

Stealing their lease, property rights, intellectual property, ramps and setting them up to lose their healthy bank balance…

…. with the pop up that never popped!

SkateClub was closed so there would be no competition with the City’s skate park

Dog Pound MPI reports

Documents and cctv footage went missing. Yet the City claimed its the result of poor  record keeping hereby the City lost / misplaced evidence.

Jessica of Watchdog stated she approached Wayne Jack the CEO of NCC regarding the pound. His response rude and short with no interest in communicating with her. She had also learned that four dog control officers working at the Napier pound were concerned with management of the Pound and were trying to get the manager dismissed.
Now, a few months down the track, the story comes out of a pet pig that was taken into the Napier Pound in 2015 and overnight someone was let into the pound and the pig butchered and disposed of it. The Council tried to cover up the story when it broke claiming the pig was a wild raging boar ravaging the neighbourhood when it seems that was not the case. It was a friendly young pet pig that could be picked up.

Hawkes Bay Today doesn’t print negative stories of the Napier Council. Instead they print its press statements.
Along the way this became clear and the editor had to cover his himself with this story 
“Unfortunate that council did not release full facts”:

Sadly this ended with the resignation of one of the best dog control officers and we 
believe the wrong person resigned:

Wayne Jack is called to resign:

Mclean Park cricket wash out:

Skatepark overruns, 
Marine parade upgrade overruns,
Event centre overruns and the removal of the flame and roll of honour and name ‘War Memorial’.

Dumping of sewage into the estuary:

Mr Jack’s personal pursuit of the velodrome and $500,00 spent on the business case studies using a process that opportunity for provided submissions who didn't reside in Napier, while ignoring local input:

Here are articles which are a must read to understand why Wayne Jack should either resign or not be given a new contract:

Please save Napier by signing  this petition to Stop Wayne Jack NOW. 
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