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Save Wayne Central

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The Board of Education of the Wayne Central School District has been tasked with making a huge decision that will impact the current and future students in the district.

Our superintendent recently had a comprehensive study done on the efficiency of our schools. Their finding's led to 5 possible scenarios that our district could choose to implement in an effort to save money.


Scenario A: Serve K-5 at Ontario Primary and at Freewill Elementary. Continue 6-8 at the Middle School and 9-12 atthe High School. Do not use Ontario Elementary for pupils.

Scenario B: Serve K-5 at Ontario Elementary and at Freewill Elementary. Continue 6-8 at the Middle School and 9-12 at the High School. Do not use Ontario Primary for pupils.

Scenario C: Serve K-2 at Ontario Primary and 3-5 at Ontario Elementary. Continue 6-8 at the Middle School and 9-12 at the High School. Do not use Freewill Elementary for pupils.

Scenario D: Serve K-4 at Ontario Primary and at Freewill Elementary. Serve 5-8 at the Middle School building and 9-12 at the High School. Do not use Ontario Elementary for pupils.

Scenario E: Serve K-2 at Ontario Primary. Serve grades 3-6 in an intermediate elementary school at the middle school building. Serve all secondary grades 7-12 at the High School building. Do not use Ontario Elementary or Freewill Elementary for pupils.

Of these five options our focus group, made up of 29 community members who applied to be part of the group and then were selected by a subcommittee of the Board of Education, overwhelmingly chose options A or D to be implemented. Option E was a distant fifth of five choices.

Yet it has come to our community's attention that option E is still being recommended by our superintendent, even though it was the very last choice at the focus group. We are now up against some higher powers who are pushing to "save money" instead of saving the students education at Wayne Central.

Each of these scenarios suggests closing one or more schools. While the district saves money with each closing of a school there are other severe consequences that our students will have to endure, such as larger class sizes with less staff to assist our teachers. In addition, the District has yet to reveal their plan of what they are going to do with the saved money, as the study suggests it will not reduce taxes or save taxpayers money.

We also face all the issues that come with young adolescents being in the same schools with adult high schoolers (bullying, increased drug abuse at a young age, and inappropriate relationships between students).

There is also the issue of maintaining buildings that will not be used by the district that is still not addressed. It is mentioned in multiple studies that these unused buildings will become “moth ball buildings” and “rock targets” and that the District will need to incur costs to demolish should they stay unused for three or more years.

Not only would option E have severe consequences for students, but for us as a community as well. Walworth will lose its only school in its town. This will also leave, potentially, two vacant buildings in each town. That means classrooms that could be being used are left empty, yet we as tax payers are still paying to "maintain these buildings".

We know that currently our district has had a decline in population which has led to the need to study if we are being efficient. However, there are a number of new home builds that are currently being proposed. By closing two schools we will be running at almost maximum occupancy in some of the schools which leads one to question what do we dowhen the population of the Wayne Central community increases again? We need to be financially responsible but more importantly educationally responsible for each child of Wayne Central.

The decision to close two schools is far too drastic, and is not necessary, as being claimed. Do costs need to be cut? Yes. Starting with one school is our best, and in many educators and parent’s minds, the only decision.

Please sign below to ask the Wayne Central Board of Education to vote with the focus group’s recommendation and not chose Option E, closing two schools.

*While we as a community believe that the closing of two schools should be the main focus of this petition, we also feel that this vote is being rushed and more time and research should be done before a decision is made.

**The Superintendent's official and final recommendation will be made on October 25th, 2016.

***Please include your name and addresses to show that this petiton is being signed by Wayne Central Residents.

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