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Bring back the hot roast beef sandwich from Wawa!

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Once upon a time, the human race was fortunate enough to purchase a sandwich so delectable that people would go through great lengths just to consume. It was common to hear stories of people traveling across continents (barefoot in the snow), panhandling, and selling their bodies just for the access and funds needed to fulfill their addiction to such a scrumptious delight. Now, this sandwhich is just a shadow of the past because this option was ripped from our grasp without any customer consent or explanation. It is a mere memory that can only be memorialized by telling our children, making them wish they lived in better times.

"What was this phenomenon called?" they'll ask.

Your response will be the only response that would ever make sense. "Well children, the sandwich is called THE HOT ROAST BEEF, and you could only get it at WAWA!" 

The children will likely cry or appear somber with dismay, but I have stumbled across a simple solution that will keep us from ever having to have such a difficult and devastating conversation with the young minds of our future.

We can unite globally and demand that Wawa reinstate the menu item that changed so many lives for so many years! By signing this petition, you are making the decision to reintroduce your palet to heaven. Throw in some American cheese and you're tastebuds will reach orgasmic levels. Do it for yourself, do it for the children, do it for the good of humanity! AMEN! #bringbackmybeef #makewawagreatagain

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