Waverley Council to Consider the opening of beaches for mental health and exercise

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Waverley Council to consider a ‘Swim, Surf and Go’  Policy at Bondi, Tamara and Bronte.

This would get rid of gatherings at the beach and should be easily enforceable

Beaches in other areas of Sydney are open .

leave items on the sand, go for a surf or swim and then leave.

Although exercising is legal in the form of running/walking swimming and surfing is not

For many people such as my self going for a swim or surf is a great way to clear your head which is much needed in times like these. Swimming/surfing is a great way for elderly and people of all ages to exercise with minimal stress on the body.

If Waverley council thinks thats opening beaches full time isn't an option than other options can also be enforced

e.g Limited  hours / No weekends/ specific beaches .

Council will still be able to close the beaches any time they deem as necessary.