Make MacKenzies Bay Dog Friendly!

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Some reports say 38% of households in Sydney have a dog. Everyone one of these dog owners knows about the chronic shortage of dog friendly beaches in Sydney! Unless you want to go to Cronulla or Curl Curl or find a tiny strip of sand around the harbour - before 8:30am or after 4pm - there is no where you can take your furry best friend for a swim.

These dog owners are a big influential group of voters and it is time to influence some change at Waverley Council about the no dogs policy at MacKenzies Bay.

MacKenzies Bay (sometimes a beach) - situated between Bondi and Tamarama beaches - has been a spectacular haven for dog owners and their pooches for years. 

Waverley Council is now cracking down on the no dogs policy, sending Rangers to clear the beach to the dismay of responsible dog owners who just want a place to take their pups to enjoy a bit of sun and surf. It is not the rangers fault. They are just following orders. We need to convince Waverley Council to change the no dog policy at MacKenzies Bay!

Please support this petition to help put pressure on Waverley Council to allow dogs at MacKenzies Bay.

With enough support from locals and Sydneysiders, we can make this change happen!!