Stop Building new home on Dunsfold Park! As it used for Wind And Wheel Airshow!

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                      Stop Building new home at Dunsfold park 

Dunsfold park was used during World War 2 and today as it for Wind and Wheel once every year.

I got a learning difficulties I like airplane as it is my favourite transport also Wing and Wheel AirShow it made me exited once I heard from my Aunty Rachel she said they will be making home I was shocked!

In my opinion that it would be a bad idea to build 2,600 homes  as it likely will be a big traffic and people will be late for work also will be loud and in the future parents will be sad as their children never seen Dunsfold park before as AirShow it gone.

While the children look on the window car when they drive past the  Construction at Dunsfold park children will be upset and sad to goodbye the Airshow what they love.

Every once a year Summer Holiday Dunsfold park use for Wing and Wheels for the Family fun good news it is the closest to them near Guildford and it easy to drive for them.

Hopefully in the future they will be no new home let save Dunsfold park  for Wing and Wheel AirShow!!

(Hope you will understand my English grammar as I got a learning difficulties)

Many Thank





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