Open Wausau School Districts For modified inperson learning.

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On Monday, September 14th, the Wausau School District board voted to keep learning online through October. This is robbing kids of more effective learning.

Online learning is not as productive as in-person learning. Considering most of the other school districts in Marathon County are in-person with no to little restrictions, and the low numbers of Covid-19 in the county online learning is not essential for ensuring the teachers and students of the Wausau school district. Also considering all sports are still occurring considering the district concern for the virus.  Why must education be put on hold and sports be allowed to continue?  

A total of 892 people have tested positive for the virus in Marathon County since the outbreak started in March.  Out of the 135,000 people in Marathon County, less than 1% has tested positive since March even with the lifted restrictions on businesses in Wisconsin.  

Closing schools is doing nothing but decrease the quality of schooling Wausau children are receiving.  Please help the youth of Wausau’s education by letting us back into school.