Stop the wrongful adoption of my children

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In January 2016, my children, a deeply loved 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl  (WHO I AM NO LONGER ALLOWED TO NAME FOR LEGAL REASONS - the social have threatened me with legal action for naming my own children! So will refer to them as F and I) were removed from my care after my daughter I climbed out of her cot and bruised her face. Initially social workers were adamant that I had caused the injury and even had me arrested. When this was proved to be untrue they used the fact that I drank alcohol around once a week and my depression relating to the death of my baby Jacob (who passed away from SIDS in 2014) to claim that I am an unfit parent and my children should be adopted without my consent. I have since had another baby, Oscar, who they are happy to leave in my care and there are no concerns with. Despite this, and making huge changes to my lifestyle including giving up drinking completely and funding private counselling to help me deal with the death of Jacob, they are absolutely refusing to return F and I. Anyone who knows me, knows that despite my difficulties my children were extremely loved, happy, clean, well fed and well cared for and if I can care for Oscar to an excellent standard there is no reason F and I can't come home. Please help me continue to fight for my beautiful babies and stop this forced adoption.