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Stop Use of Live Animals in Ag. Classes

The Global Conservation Group is petitioning Watertown Wisconsin High School on behalf of the countless animals that suffer and in some cases die. The Agriculture Department of WHS keeps fish and instructs students to take them out of the water at least once a week to weigh and measure them as part of a research project. The Ag. Department also conducts research on rats to determine how many tricks a rat can learn - withholding food is often encouraged by the educator as a training technique. The Ag. classes also place a pig (sow) in a gestation crate for months so students can observe the animal. Chickens are also observed. The chickens are kept so the school can sell the eggs, unfortunately the chickens never get to see the light of day or smell fresh air. Rabbits are kept in wire-bottom cages for years so students can learn "responsibility" by caring for the animal they are assigned. Students have been seen disrespecting the animals in which they "care" for on a regular basis. There is little to no veterinary care given to sick or injured animals.