Bring Abdurrahman Muni back as a Khateeb at Waterloo Masjid

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Up until recently it's been difficult to find a Friday Khutbah at Waterloo Masjid that actually resonates and engages with the K-W community (particularly the youth). Br. Abdurrahman Muni was one of the few Khateeb's who did an excellent job providing uplifting, engaging, and beneficial Khutbahs that touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of parents, adults, children, and students.

Unfortunately, to the surprise of many people Br. Abdurrahman Muni was recently removed from his position as Khateeb of the 2nd Jumuah at Waterloo Masjid with no real bonafide explanation (many have inquired). Countless people are discontent and attempting to understand why this happened.

Why would someone remove a great Khateeb like Br. Abdurrahman Muni? Why aren't we standing up and asking why? We need to take our masjid and our Khutbahs seriously.

As a community we stand together and kindly call upon the Waterloo Masjid board to please: 1) provide a clear explanation as to why Br. Abdurrahman Muni was removed 2) have Br. Abdurrahman Muni reinstated as Khateeb of the 2nd Jumuah of Waterloo Masjid.

Sign our petition to help bring Br. Abdurrahman Muni back as a Khateeb!

Note: People are asking whether this will make a difference. We should put our trust in Allah and pray for the best. Signing this petition only takes 30 seconds but it could positively affect the lives of hundreds of people.