Allow Waterloo Residents to Own Chickens; to produce food for family/neighbors

Allow Waterloo Residents to Own Chickens; to produce food for family/neighbors

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Terry Walker started this petition to Waterloo City Hall and

Current city ordinance states that city residents are NOT allowed to own or house livestock on their properties, including fowl/chickens.  During the COVID-19 pandemic is more important than ever to get this ordinance changed!  Allowing chickens to be housed, owned and raised on an individual's property will only benefit the individual and community at large!  Below I have outlined the necessary rules and obligations that any owner would need to follow.


Proposed ordinance for chickens housed on properties within Waterloo WI city limits:

This ordinance will only apply to chickens.  No other fowl, bird or small livestock animal will be included in this ordinance. 

  1. No more than 6 chickens per family will be allowed to be on a single
    family property that is owned by that individual.  Exceptions include:
  2. Families that are living in a duplex that is owned by at least 1 of the families may have up to 12 chickens (6 per family) on that property lot. Families who are sharing lot lines may have joint chicken coops with runs that can house up to 12 chickens.
  3. Apartment buildings are NOT allowed to house or raise chickens.
    4-plex dwellings or rental properties may not have chickens unless express written permission is granted by the property owner.  Individuals choosing to raise chickens after obtaining written permission will be held solely liable for all care, maintenance and any other factors that arise from the raising and care of said chickens.
  4. No roosters will be allowed - EVER.  Even for breeding purposes.  All owners who wish to breed their chickens must do so outside the village limits and follow all breeding rules/regulations provided to them by the breeder. 
  5. All chickens must be contained AT ALL TIMES, either in a coop with a fully enclosed run attached, a fully enclosed mobile run or in a fenced yard with 6 ft high fencing.  As chickens can "fly" any 6 ft high fence must have a way of keeping the chickens from going over the fence. 
  6. Coops/housing must be placed a minimum of 15 ft from any property line, unless the following apply and are agreed upon:
    Chickens are being shared between neighbors and coop is to rest between properties.  If so, written agreement between the two neighbors must be obtained and witnessed by a neutral 3rd party.  All agreements must be filed with the clerk of courts in the city.
    Permission is granted from neighbor for coop/house to reside closer than 15 ft to the shared property line.  Permission must be obtained in writing and witnessed by a neutral 3rd party.  All written permissions must be filed with the clerk of courts in the city hall. 
    If the only place to put a coop is on a shared property line, permission must be granted from other property owner, a legally binding agreement signed by both parties and NOTARIZED by a licensed notary.  This agreement will be filed with the clerk of courts in the city.  A standardized agreement can be found at the end of this petition.   
  7. All animals and housing must be kept clean, healthy and disease/waste free.
  8. All debris and/or waste produced from or as a result of [the chickens] MUST be on site composted OR disposed of in accordance to village and county livestock animal waste code.
  9. If breeding a chicken, chicks hatched will NOT count toward total limit of 6 chickens per family, UNTIL chicks are 6 months old or of laying age.  Any roosters produced from the laying must be sold or butchered by the age of 6 months.
  10. Any residents sharing a coop between properties will both be held equally responsible for all waste, debris, maintenance and welfare of shared animals.
  11. Coops must be able to be moved if it should become necessary to do so (ie can not be a permanent structure - has a concrete base).  If a run is not attached to the coop, and resident does not have a 6 ft high fence, any run must also be mobile and not a permanent structure. 
  12. Any person planning to own chickens must register and obtain a license with the village clerk so that accurate records can be kept. 
  13. Any written permissions or agreements must be logged with the village clerk for the legal safety of all parties involved.   All written permissions or agreements must be logged within 10 business days of date of signing.
  14. Selling of eggs and/or chicks and/or chickens/roosters and/or meat produced from butchering of chickens will be subject to village, county and state guidelines. 
  15. While not mandatory, it is highly suggested and encouraged to share a portion of eggs and/or meat with ANY neighbor whom the coop/run is close to.

This petition is very important to our city!!  Allowing the ownership of chickens within city limits would help to alleviate problems of food shortage and monetary difficulties that our residents are facing.  Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our city residents were struggling economically.  During these current unprecedented times, the need to be able to produce our own food and be self-sufficient has risen dramatically.  The need to come together as a community and support each other is at an all-time high.  Allowing residents to house and own chickens will only benefit our community.  Those who choose to raise chickens will be able to feed their families along with many others in our village.

Please sign our petition to help support this amazing cause and get the ordinance to change!!

Please only sign if you are Waterloo, WI CITY RESIDENT!!!  All other signatures will be voided, including those who have just a Waterloo, WI mailing address. 


Sample agreement form:

I, _(full name and address)_(here forth know as Resident), give my permission and agreement to,____(prospective chicken owner name)___ of __(address)________ (here forth known as Owner), to house up to 6 chickens along our shared property line.  By doing so, I am agreeing to the following:

Owner will be building a non-permanent structure that will be used solely for housing up to 6 chickens.
Owner will be solely responsible for all waste/debris removal and will ensure that no debris, waste or any other materials, either intentionally or unintentionally wind up on my property.
Owner will do everything in their considerable power to limit any noise, smell or unsightly utterances that would result from housing chickens.
Owner has agreed to the following extra stipulations:

An agreed upon portion of eggs will be supplied to me as part of this agreement (check box if applicable)
An agreed upon monetary amount as stipulated below:  Amt per month $____________ (check box if applicable)
Other: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
If owner fails to comply with the above agreement, any and all legal action may be pursued by me, Resident, including, but not limited to: fines, loss of license to have chickens, etc.



owner name address and date (Printed name here)


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  1. Notary name address and date (printed name here and seal)


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