Give Vista Hills Residents a Voice

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The City of Waterloo has decided that vehicles are not allowed to park on Sundew Drive. This severely restricts residents' ability to entertain friends and family, and force some residents to walk long distances to visit Sundew Park. It will also force more traffic onto the quiet side streets and cul de sacs that many residents enjoy, as vehicles that can't park on Sundew will look for alternatives. At the moment, there are few alternatives as many of the streets in Vista Hills are still years away from being built. Sundew Drive is already a dangerous street with heavy traffic and careless drivers; we don't want to push traffic onto other streets and make them unsafe.

If you are against having a bike lane on both sides of Sundew Drive, resulting in no parking, please sign this petition so that we can get the Waterloo City Council's attention and begin to discuss alternative solutions that work for the residents of Vista Hills and the City of Waterloo Master Plan. This is our community, and we should have a say in how it is planned and governed. Our elected representative has not stepped up to support us, and the next municipal election isn't until October 2022. It's time to be heard