Keep the York Street Pillars!

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Media coverage, counter-petition and next steps

Thank you for your support! This will be the one and only update:


#keepthepillarsTO has captured the city's imagination!

Check out the CBC article here

And an interview with Kelly Catrura on AM 640 here.


For those that want to remove the pillars, there is now a counter petition: #removethepillarsTO

The two most frequent criticisms

1) This was an international design competition with a well regarded jury and a public consultation component.

REBUTTAL: public consultation is good, but is always very narrow. Many people did not even know there was a park competition, or that consultation was happening. This is an attempt to increase awareness and continue the consultation component. 

2) The pillars constrict the park to a round design. Without them, the park is open to a better design.

REBUTTAL: The winning design includes a round pond, which does the exact same thing to constrict the park to a round design! We like round designs!


I will compile a document that includes all comments on this petition, comments from twitter, instagram, facebook, reddit, and all media coverage. The document, along with a link to this petition, will be presented to Waterfront Toronto, Parks, Forestry and Recreation, and Claude Cormier. 


Daniel Rotsztain
3 years ago