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There is way more than an elevator that needs to be fixed at the Waterford Hospital, but we have to start somewhere.   

The state of repair in the north wing of the hospital is embarrassing and unacceptable.  A hospital’s environment should meet a standard that reflects the amount of care it has for their patients.  This shows how little the Waterford thinks of its patients.   Imagine how this could be perceived by someone with schizophrenia? Or someone struggling to focus on what’s in front of them just to get where they need to go, while dealing with a border line crisis?   It looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland.    

There is so much that can be done to the hospital to make it a place that is welcoming and warm.   There’s not one person I’ve spoken to that has been there that describes their experience as positive.   Instead they say things like creepy, out of a horror movie, dingy, scary, uncomfortable, and not somewhere they ever want to go back to.   The basketball court alone could be a movie set for a Stephen King movie.  This is where our most vulnerable have to go for help.   Why is this an acceptable standard for human beings to be treated in?  

The overall hospital is a completely different battle.   For now, I’d like your support to ask the hospital to have the elevator fixed as soon as possible.   It’s the very least that they can do to show a little respect to the people who need to be there.