A skate park and playground for Titirangi

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Kids and teenagers in Titirangi need somewhere they can meet their friends and play. A skate park and playground is the perfect solution.

The Skate Melbourne Plan notes that "Skating enlivens public spaces and benefits the local community. It’s a sustainable way to get around, stay healthy, happy and connect with others". Anyone who has been to a skate park in Green Bay, Waterview, Valonia or Birkenhead knows that is true. You've got dozens of kids on any given day staying fit, engaging with eachother and learning new skills. But there is currently nowhere for kids in Titirangi to play like that.   

But where could it go? Well how about a flat, 16,835 m2 concreted surface that already exists right in the middle of our community. That's right, Watercare already owns an ideal site at 166-176 Konini Road Titirangi 0604. It consists of a sub-ground reservoir and grassed land that could easily be converted to a skate park and playground for our kids at minimal cost.  It already has provision for parking off Konini and pedestrian access off Kohu. 

But you can't do that on a reservoir, can you? Well, yes you can and Watercare have already done that very thing at Greville Reserve on the North Shore.  Here's the announcement: https://ourauckland.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/articles/news/2015/01-09/local/all-action-at-greville-reserve/ 

Shouldn't we keep infrastructure and playgrounds separate? No, local governments all over the world are increasingly integrating infrastructure and community assets to make better use of space and improve amenity. Roskilde skate park in Rabalder Denmark is a good example . It's a 40,000 m2 park which is also a series of stormwater channels and can transport and hold up to 23,000 cubic metres of water: https://vimeo.com/48264483  

So what's the problem then? Well, good question. We lodged the idea with Watercare and they flat out said no within three hours of submission without doing any kind of assessment. Said it would lead to vandalism. Seems they are making assumptions about our community that we don't think are true, do you? 

Help us send a message to Watercare by signing this petition:  I support Watercare making better use of the land at 166-176 Konini Road Titirangi 0604 to benefit our community. Watercare should undertake a full assessment of the site in partnership with the local board and community to assess potential secondary uses, including a skate park, BMX pump track and playground.