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Petition to Dismiss Wrongful Termination Decision of 911 Dispatcher

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Where is the compassion for this girl Nicole Scarino, who is mostly unknown to most of the people signing in on this petition? I have been following this petition, since I am a lifelong friend of Nicole Scarino's parents. We graduated from Sacred Heart High School in 1959, and her parents along with Nicole have been upstanding citizens in the Waterbury community all of their lives.
When you look at the scheme of things, what did she do wrong, I ask? It was a tragic situation which ultimately led to the murder of an innocent woman, and traumatization of the man calling the robbery into the 911 dispatcher. All Nicole tried to to is extract information from the caller. She cannot help it if there was a communication issue. She got the police to the right address and was trying to extract the right information from the caller so the police could get the thugs who committed this crime. Why would anyone want to get her fired? In this country of ours, there is too much anger and hatred. Nicole was just doing her job, yet she got more coverage than the murderer who shot this poor woman. We as human beings should try to stick together and not go against one another. Nicole is a mother of 5, she supports herself and her children, she is not on paid leave and cannot even collect unemployment compensation because she was fired on a willful misconduct basis.  She has been tried in the press and on television without anyone even hearing her side of the story, and because of all this coverage, she cannot even find employment. It's been 7 months since her firing and her union has not even had a hearing for her as yet. Do you people want to make this woman homeless? I also ask, why would a petition from some unknown person have enough power to bully the police department to fire an employee who had been there for 7 years. I only ask - where is there any compassion for this woman?

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