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Sentence Joseph Ouimet, former Animal Control Officer, to jail for his cruelty to animals, made even more horrific given his role as their caretaker and protector.

Joseph Ouimet was the former Animal Control Officer for Wolcott, Connecticut. His role was to care and support the dogs, with the goal of adoption in a loving forever home. Instead, as demonstrated in surveillance video, he was found to be abusing the animals, including slamming a dog in a door, spraying a dog with chemicals, and spraying others abusively with water hoses. As a result of this abuse, formerly docile dogs became increasingly aggressive, leading to their euthanization. Any abuse of animals is reprehensible; when conducted by those entrusted to care and protect, even moreso. We respectfully request, on behalf of Smiley, pictured here, and all the voiceless animals mistreated by this individual, that we send a message to him and all others. Animal abuse is unacceptable, and jail time is absolutely warranted.


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