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Provide Thar Desert with Wells and Water Resources to Overcome Water Crisis

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Deaths of nearly 200 people, most of them children and women, in Thar desert of Pakistan in last four months show that the underdeveloped region is once again in the grip of a humanitarian crisis.

The largest desert of Pakistan is located in the south-east. Its population is nearly 1.2 million, with the lowest Human Development Index in Sindh province.

It has been going through harsh drought conditions in the recent years.  Consistent droughts have hit a severe blow to both the agriculture and livestock, resulting in famine. Majority of people rely on rain-fed agriculture and livestock for their livelihoods. This has lead to seasonal mass migration of local residents to other parts of Sindh where they are forced to work in inhuman conditions and are poorly paid.

Thar faces scarcity of water in underground wells and natural reservoirs in the wake of below average rainfall. Women who usually are responsible for fetching drinking water have to travel 3-4 kilometers to get it from underground wells. The water is saline and is contaminated with excessive fluoride which causes dental and skeletal diseases. Severe water shortage has resulted in deaths of thousands of animals and birds as well, possibly leading them to extinction. 

The water shortage is a severe problem and that's why we need a well closer to the people, which can work as a temporary for them. It may not be the best, but it will be very helpful. I'm not someone who lives in Thar, but it's crucial conditions can catch anyone's attention and thus I want to make a difference. I'm not capable of much but a petition will help, for sure. Thar needs the well. 


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