Water 4 Wildlife Killalea

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On the 16th of December 2019 we saw the last few drops of our pristine Killalea lagoon evaporate. A lagoon that once housed and serviced an incredibly rich, diverse and fragile array of wildlife. We are witnessing the mass fatalities of our aquatic life, reliant birdlife now hanging onto grim hope and many more mobile species fleeing in desperate search of water. 

Five local women have been lobbying hard to find a solution for our water crisis in Killalea. We have proposed that water stations are thoughtfully placed throughout Killalea state park as a temporary solution for the vulnerable wildlife during an unprecedented drought. We have been unsuccessful in our efforts with Reflections Holiday Parks and the DPI and we are now calling on the public for your help and support.

As an environmental group we are aware that water stations are a temporary solution to a much bigger problem BUT we need to provide water for our wildlife who will not continue to thrive or survive without it. With rain not predicted until March 2020 and temperatures soaring into the record books we simply cannot wait any longer. We need to act on this emergency situation otherwise we will see far more irreversible devastation to our local ecosystems and mass loss of habitat and wildlife.

Temporary water stations have been sourced but we need to find a way to fill them and continue to service them into the short term future.

Can you help us join the fight to save our thirsty wildlife in Killalea... water and help is desperately needed so please sign today!