Watch Out Zoo, Here We Come!

Watch Out Zoo, Here We Come!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Claire Shim

To people who love animals and can’t stand to see animals in cages, killed, abused, slaughtered for meat, and tested. If you think zoos are good then get ready to be shocked by how zoos are abusing animals.

You might also love zoos and children love zoos too. Not only do they like it, their parents, family and many other people in the world adore zoos. You might not have noticed that the animals are abused in a way that we wouldn’t like as well. They are stuck in cages, away from their real home, and their family.

Imagine this, you are stuck in a cage beat up with whips to do tricks for people that come to the zoo. The zoo animals are bullied by zookeepers and the guest who come to the zoo. People who come to zoos think it’s funny to throw things and bully animals in cages. Animals eventually get scared of humans and according to Pawsome Advice, scared animals lash out eventually and lead to horrible stories of zoos killing wild animals.

The zoos also force innocent animals to breed. Once the animals breed, they need to rest but the zookeepers force them to breed more and more until they die. Others may say that the zookeepers are helping the endangered animals not to get extinct, but, they just want more money and positive comments, they don’t care about the animals. 

Poodles are an example, they are really expensive so the owner of them force them to breed. When the babies are born, they sell them to get money, so the mother and the babies get separated. The people who want to go to the zoo need to pay money to get inside, but now, because of COVID, many people stopped going to zoos.

The zookeepers use that money to pay for their bills. Before COVID, a lot of people came to zoos so they had enough money to spend their bills and pay for the animal. However, COVID is still going on so the zookeepers may not be able to pay the bills for the animals. According to Pawsome Advice, it takes a serious amount of money to keep some animals in captivity and many facilities can’t afford it. This can cause the animals to die and have health conditions. 

This means that there will be more extinct animals all around the world. Zoos are all over the world but they all want the same thing, money. Zookeepers usually work for a profit. They need that money for food, shelter, water, and many more.

Zoos and circuses are alike, they force, abuse, and bully wild animals for entertainment to charge high prices for tickets. Please don’t go to Marine Park or circuses, if you do, you're just helping them raise more profit. The wild animals need freedom, zoos and circuses threaten the animals with whips and other hurtful things. They sometimes don’t give them food when they don’t perform a trick. 

Imagine not eating food until you die and are hit with awful things. That happens often to every animal in captivity. Some people argue that animals in zoos like doing tricks, but that's not true. Animals in zoos hate it, they are just doing it for food and trying not to get hit with whips from the zookeepers. Elephant’s skin is thick so the trainers hit the elephants with bullhooks. Do you know what a bullhook is? It is a weapon that is used to pierce elephant’s skin and it is mostly used in circuses 

Zoos exploit captive animals by causing them more harm than good. Zoos separate animals from their families. This can cause the animals to be lonely even though they have a company with them in their cage. Their habitats made in zoos are of course smaller than the wild so they have little space to walk around. According to Pawsome Advice, ​​in captivity, one tiger has 18,000 times less space compared to its natural environment. These species are built for running, hunting, and being free. Their bodies don’t know what to do in captivity.

Elephants walk 192 km per day in the wild, but in zoos, they walk only 80 km. Elephants get stressed and the elephants in zoos die when they are 40 years old, and elephants in the wild die when they are 70 years old.

Animals are killed or deeply injured each year. Products we use every day, makeup, cream, and many more are tested on animals first. 90% of the animal tests were a failure. Imagine how much animals suffered. They didn’t want to do this. 

Animal abuse is everywhere. Make the right choice and free these innocent animals. You can change the whole world by just standing up for the animals in cages, being forced to do tricks, tested, or worse killed for meat.

Up to 5,000 zoo animals are killed each year in Europe even though they are healthy and young. This might happen more in other countries if we don’t take action. If you don’t stand up, one day, all these animals will go extinct and we might never see them again. Help, fight for these animals in zoos and many other places. I strongly believe that all animals should be free.


111 have signed. Let’s get to 200!