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Petitioning Chairman- Watauga County Commissioners Nathan Miller and 4 others

Watauga County Commissioners: Stop defunding the non-profit organizations in Watauga County!

Many of Watauga County's marginalized residents use the services provided by non-profit organizations to better themselves and our community. When you defund organizations like the Hospitality House, Parent to Parent, Foster Grandparent Program, and the Western Youth Network, these organizations can't provide the much needed services they offer, to the residents of Watauga County.

When you combine this with the abolishment of the Department of the Social Services board, you are left with a county not ready to support its residents; The very residents the County Commissioners were elected to serve!

We don't need politicians making decisions on how to best support the social services of Watauga County, we need an independent board of experts who do their job and do it well, no matter who is elected.

Stand up and tell the Watauga County Commissioners to do the right thing. Don't abolish our DSS board and provide much needed funding to our non-profits!

Letter to
Chairman- Watauga County Commissioners Nathan Miller
Vice-Chairman- Watauga County Commissioners David Blust
Member- Watauga County Commissioners Perry Yates
and 2 others
Member- Watauga County Commissioners John Welch
Member- Watauga County Commissioners Billy Kennedy
Respect the people you were elected to govern! Stop defunding the non-profit organizations in Watauga County and don't abolish the DSS board!

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