Change the name of Dumpster Bin to Roll-Off Dumpster

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American Made Dumpsters is asking the Waste Industry to call Roll-Off Dumpsters by their proper name, not “dumpster bin.”

Dumpster is a generic name that is used interchangeably with multiple products for countless uses. Roll-Off Dumpsters are manufactured with specific features and specifications ideal for construction, demolition and remodeling projects at construction sites and in residential areas.

When the broad name “dumpster” is used by the industry, it causes confusion for the customers and creates barriers to find the items, products, services and resources they need. Any time a more specific name can be used, it creates clarity and reduces confusion.

Reducing Confusion is Better for Everyone

When the name dumpster is used, customers don’t necessarily know the difference between a commercial and roll off dumpster. Those customers then contact a waste disposal company to get a dumpster and may end up requesting and paying for the incorrect product or service. This is especially problematic for residential customers who often just need a garbage can for residential application.

Not All Dumpsters are Created Equal

A front load dumpster is not a roll off dumpster and a commercial dumpster is not a curbside collection bin. Each of these products has a specific use that fills a particular need. You can see the differences at Creating unnecessary confusion by lumping all products together as a ‘dumpster’ is detrimental to waste industry companies and frustrating for customers.

John Arwood has seen this confusion from customers through his years of experience building the United States’ largest waste and recycling services platform. His company has dealt with customer confusion and been forced to spend countless hours helping their customers find the right type of dumpster for their needs. Now that his company is manufacturing various dumpsters, he is trying to get the word out on the correct usage of dumpster names from within the waste management industry.

Additionally, different countries use different names for these products. By using specific product names and terminology, the industry can more easily provide clarity for international customers and companies.

Supporting Economic Growth

Building a brand and growing a waste company is crippled by confusion. The generic use of ‘dumpster’ has a negative economic impact on waste industry brands.

Consistent use of the correct product name across the industry can help reduce confusion for customers seeking products for home use. This is also important for manufacturers who are working to create the correct products for their customers. The specific name, when used widely, helps raise public awareness of the differences. This allows customers to be able to quickly find what they are looking for based on their specific needs.

Please join us in asking the Waste Industry to make a concerted effort to stop the generic use of ‘dumpster’ and refer to Roll-Off Dumpsters by their correct name.