Washroom must be provided within Railway Locomotives for Locopilots

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As of now we know that most of the Locomotives in Indian Railways don't have any washroom. The working time of loco pilots are 6–8 hours. They don’t work more that that, unless train gets delayed en-route. If the loco-pilots ever have a need, they can attend the restroom at the next scheduled halt of the train in the SLR which is the first coach just behind the locomotive. If the SLR is sealed/locked which is the normal these days, the locomotive driver or assistant driver can use the restroom in the regular compartment following the locomotive. While waiting for signal, and if they want to urinate, they do it outside in bush or track side. They don’t have other choice, hence can’t blame them. Now think of the female loco-pilots in this situation. This gives rise to some serious health problems to the loco-pilots if they continue to hold urine for a longer time. One single washroom is not a place that needs a large area within the locomotive and it is really important as the loco-pilots are human being too.

Here is an article published on the 'Outlook' about the experiences of female LPs

G.G. Laxman Prabhu, urologist, Kasturba Medical College, Mangaluru, said the “infrequent voiders syndrome” is an occupational hazard for loco pilots. It makes “martyrs of their urinary bladders for public duty”. But a solution to the problem is easy: if airplane pilots can take toilet breaks, why not engine drivers, he asked.

As many of you are aware of this news-https://www.livemint.com/Politics/mJQ1KGRQ0jrLGxOITzKhAO/After-163-years-Railways-to-put-toilets-in-train-engines.html

There was a movement on 2016 where a locomotive came up with a washroom, but eventually it took 163 years. Maybe it was a sigh of relief to the LPs as they thought gradually there will be a change in the other locomotives also. But unfortunately no such thing happened. 

Many of the current Railway employees have reported this as 'inhuman' or 'injustice'. There could be many valuable reasons behind this issue but if the LPs are not comfortable through out the journey how they are supposed to perform in the long run. 

So let's share a hand to our dear Railway Locopilots by signing this petition to make their journeys comfortable too.