Save WSD/Kerr Park Lands from rezoning and development

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Kerr Park is a beautiful 13 acre oasis in a rapidly developing landscape. The adjacent 16 acres owned by Washougal School District should be added to the park, not sold off to a developer. 

Green spaces like this are becoming more rare and precious by the day. The area has a healthy population of birds and wildlife, none of which recognize the division between Kerr park and school lands. They are sheltered in this unique, small wilderness, a reminder of what this area once was. Severing this habitat will destroy their home. The property line runs along Campen Creek. Washington Parks website flier for Kerr Park states “Campen Creek is known as spawning grounds for Coho Salmon.” Coho Salmon are federally protected in our region. This is just one more area of concern. 

The park and school land is appreciated by area residents and visitors alike. Many of us walk our dogs and children here, the school track team runs through the park and many more of us just come here to sit and listen to the birds, the wind, and the water, and think. The value of wild spaces in a rapidly urbanizing landscape cannot be overstated

Removing these lands from public use and opening them for development will fundamentally and irrevocably alter the park, a loss that can and should be avoided.  As Washingtonians we value the outdoors and a little gem like this should be preserved for public use.  We respectfully request that our publicly elected officials on the Washougal City Council and School Board find another solution to avoid breaking up and developing this acreage. If a change in the current IP (Institutional/Public) lands designation is to occur, it should be into Conservation, not rezoned for Residential development.

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