Place Armed Guards at Our Schools

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Every day we send our children to school to learn, make friends, and better themselves. To become prepared for their future and the world that awaits them. We trust that our children will be safe in the environment that the government has provided for their learning. The environment that they spend most of their time in. But there is something lacking. 

Every day almost, you can turn on the news to see another heart breaking story about a school shooting. And every time I think of my children going to school and the possibility of this happening, I cry every time. This shouldn't be happening! 

School shootings are a HUGE problem in our society right now. Now, don't get me wrong, there are many detailed issues that need to be addressed in our society regarding this specific problem. Gun control, mental health, bullying, home life...but there is not going to be a quick solution to any of those issues. Everything turns political and becomes an argument. We NEED A SOLUTION NOW.  I'm not saying to put any of those crucial issues on the back burner. I am saying that we need a solution to the current problem, while we spend our time working on how to solve those above issues. Because those issues are going to take time and care to be solved. Arming and guarding our schools is a solution. Why do we guard banks, government officials, government buildings, celebrities, etc with armed guards on a daily basis? To protect them. Why do our children and the future of our society not deserve the same protection?

I propose that we have at least 2 armed, trained, vetted guards at each Washoe County school. Obviously, depending on the school size, there may be a need for more. I think this is a crucial and serious issue that needs to be rectified. We need to bring this to the attention of our officials and make sure they know that we want our children protected!!! I know at my kids school, every time I walk in I think of how a shooter could have their way. There is no protection. NONE. You walk in the front of the school and have free reign to do whatever and go wherever you want to. No guards, no closed entry, NOTHING. And this is what needs to change!!!!!! We NEED to protect our children!!!!