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Recall Bellevue School District Board Member Steve McConnell

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Petition to Recall Bellevue School District Board Member Steve McConnell:
This petition is to the population of registered Washington State voters who reside within the boundaries of the Bellevue School District (BSD405) who disapprove of the actions of Board Member Steve McConnell.  

The results of this petition will be provided to the Bellevue School District in an upcoming pubic session.   This is not a formal recall petition, but is meant to gauge interest in a formal recall. 

The recall of elected officials is allowed under Washington law, pursuant to Washington Constitution Article I § 33, on the grounds of physical or mental lack of fitness, incompetence, violation of oath of office, official misconduct, or conviction of certain felony offenses.  We, the undersigned, believe that Board Member McConnell should be recalled pursuant to Washington State law for the following reasons:

Steve McConnell has shown incompetence in his duties by failing to adequately represent the majority of citizens in the Bellevue School District and his support of several resolutions against the majority will of the people. 

Steve McConnell has also violated his own campaign commitments to bring “greater openness, accountability, and community engagement”.  In fact, there has been considerable less openness and community engagement as a direct result of Steve McConnell’s actions.

Steve McConnell has shown on several occasions to be publicly disrespectful and demeaning to his constituents, lacking in integrity, and willing to use falsehood to mislead the people of the Bellevue School District as to his intentions, agenda, and planned actions.

The people of the Bellevue School District deserve to be adequately represented and that elected officials must listen to their constituents and vote according to the will of the people and not their own whims or personal agendas.  They deserve Board Members who treat their constituents with respect and conduct themselves with integrity while serving the will of the people.

If there is sufficient interest in this recall of Steve McConnell, which will be evidenced by the number of registered Washington voters in the Bellevue School District who sign this petition, then a formal recall of Steve McConnell will be initiated following the protocol set forth in the Washington Code for such recalls.

Please note that persons signing this petition must be registered Washington voters within the Bellevue School District for their signature(s) to be considered, and that no person can sign the petition more than once. Multiple family members residing at the same address may individually sign this petition assuming the above criteria are met (e.g. each eligible Washing voter may sign individually including Voters who may have a temporary address (e.g. away at college)).


Please forward this petition and its associated web site to any and all of your fellow Bellevue School district citizens who are interested in enacting future and immediate change in our Bellevue School district representation and regain control of our Board. 

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