Defend the people of washington

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This is not a choice. This is not a decision. This is not a joke. This is not a prank. This is a responsibility. Your responsibility, my responsibility, our responsibility - to protect the people of america. If we do not pass gun control laws, the people of America will lose the most important right of all. The right to feel safe. So share this petition on facebook, twitter, whatever you use. Get everyone you can to sign it. We can make a difference. As well, when you sign this, the letter below will be sent to the Washington State senate, with your name on it.

NOTICE: My goal is NOT to limit the sales of guns. The constitution is clear. However, I want to create laws adding background checks to gun shows (at gun shows you can buy a gun without a single background check) and improve the background checks we already have. 

When we get to 100 I will up the goal to 1,000. When we reach that, 10,000. And so on. This will not end until safety is a given, and is just as much a right as the right to bear arms.

If I get enough support, I will take further action, including getting in contact/meeting with members of the Washington State senate.

Thanks to Adam for providing the picture.