Outlaw Semi-Automatic Rifles

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The use of semi-automatic rifles during mass shooting events results in devastating casualties. Semi-automatic rifles as opposed to bolt action riles or pistols, have a greatest potential to inflict mass casualties during the shortest period of time. This is due to their relatively high rate of fire, their inherent accuracy, ammunition type and ease of use. Anyone who is familiar with firearm operations knows that rifles are more accurate than pistols. Also, semi-automatic rifles have a much higher rate of fire than bolt-action or single-action rifles because no user operation needs to take place between shots other than pulling the trigger. Semi-automatic rifles are the most powerful types of guns currently legal for possession in the United States without special permits from the Federal Government.

As a life long lover of guns and gun owner since 18 years of age and also holder of a Washington State Concealed Weapons Permit, I am willing to give up my right to possess and use semi-automatic rifles in an effort to reduce the potential for damage during mass shootings. If mass shooters had to shoot a pistol or operate a bolt between shots, the casualty rate would be drastically reduced. This petition would make the manufacture, possession and sale of all semi-automatic rifles illegal.

The primary different a "assault rifle" and an ordinary semi-automatic rifle is its appearance. Know how they work, know the difference and know that it will take a drastic reduction in the number of these weapons to make an impact in the current epidemic of mass shooting events. The right to possess one of these weapons is not more important than the right of children to be safe at schools. Eliminating semi-automatic rifles will not completely get rid of mass shootings but it will reduce the ease at which damage is inflicted.

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