Make genital mutilation of minors explicitly illegal in Washington State

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Removing living, normal and healthy tissue from a person's body is a violation of that person's right to body autonomy.  During childhood, no person, including biological parents, should be allowed to hinder the normal biological development of that child.  Yet, this sort of thing is being allowed on a daily basis when it comes to the genitalia.  It's questionable as to whether it is legal in the first place as some consider it assault and battery.  However, when done by a doctor or a religious leader or a mohel, it is not enforced as assault and/or battery.  The procedures involve steps that would be considered child molestation and rape.  Without a biological medical diagnosis requiring amputation of the offending body part(s), performing such a procedure should be considered illegal.

We desire for genital mutilation of minors to be explicitly illegal and punishable with prison sentences matching those of comparable crimes (assault, battery, molestation and rape).