Expel Matt Shea from the state house

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On April 20, 2019, The Guardian obtained chat logs from 2017 showing state representative Matt Shea taking part in chat sessions with several far-right activists. The men discussed plans to respond to a supposed antifa uprising scheduled for that November by spying on them, harassing their families, and even resorting to violence.

Even though Shea is an elected official and a practicing attorney, he did nothing to dissuade this outrageous talk. On the contrary, he offered to help conduct background checks on the targets. One of the other participants claimed that they were merely having a tongue-in-cheek discussion, but violence is never a laughing matter.

It is beyond unacceptable for an elected official to actively consort with those who are even discussing plans to spy on people and target them with violence. Imagine if a Democratic elected official in the Washington area had been consorting with those who attacked the home of Tucker Carlson last fall. There would be no defensible reason to allow that official to remain in office. 

This is no different. Unless Shea resigns at once, the Washington state house must move to expel him. When an elected official condones violence of this type and consorts with those who advocate violence, it's time for that elected official to go.