Change a closure on outdoor farm agritourism so as to allow small farms to remain open.

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It has been decided by the Governor of the State of Washington that agricultural tourism activities will not occur this Fall and as a result of this ban, farms such as Bell’ Farm will not be allowed to operate their annual open house on Labor Day Weekend. This ban causes undue economic hardship on these farms that rely almost solely on these agritourist activities for their annual income. 
We are creating this petition to convince the Governor that farms such as Bell’s Farm should be allowed to hold an outside farm activity with the idea that safety measures and social distancing will be implemented during this activity. Recent allowances have been made to allow for other outdoor activities such as a drive-in movie theater on Whidbey Island so that the drive-in could stay open and not go out of business. A petition was created and signatures collected. The decision of the Governor was reversed and the Blue Fox was allowed to stay open for business. 
It is our belief that this outdoor activity, which will occur with a relatively small amount of people can be operated safely with all of the safety measures and distancing protocols in place to keep the public safe. 
We are asking that people sign this petition on behalf of Bell’s Farm of Whidbey Island and other small farms that rely on Agritourism as a means of income for their businesses. 
Thank you for signing this petition!