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Please Help Me Bring My Son River Home ~ Demand An Audit Our Case From WA State & Fed. Gov

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My name is Lonna Anderson, and I am a young mother living in Seattle Washington that is in dire need of legal assistance and judicial oversight, over a very dangerous situation involving a minor and young mother.

My son was kidnapped through the Seattle court system using money, sexism/misogyny, and the suppression of all exonerating evidence presented. This was also done with major racketeering, collusion, and virtually all WA State RCW 26.09.191 & 26.09.191 codes broken, overt criminal activity and legal abuse done to me and my infant son for the intent to control us both, and inflict pain & suffering.

Another goal of King County Superior Court, Adam Lewis, & Nathan Cliber's, was to obstruct justice so throughly, that just to be able to have ANY of my own rights to my own child upheld, they were trying to coerce and force me to participate and go along with the felonies being done against me and my son.

He was nursing at the breast when I was ambushed in my home on the morning of Sept 16, 2015 to give my son to a documented domestic abuser.

The Seattle police dept, on record, had been their just weeks prior to do a welfare check, sent by Lonna's social worker because of Adam's reckless and dangerous behavior months & years prior, to make sure Adam did not hurt River and Lonna, because she hadn't heard from Lonna in a couple days and felt Adam might have harmed Lonna and River. 

Again, this was done weeks prior to the police storming in, now demanding to take the child from my breast to give him to the man, they were sent weeks earlier to protect River and I from. 


This is a very big case right now nationwide and even internationally. I have been using social media for over a year to get attention around my son's illegal kidnapping through the courts.

This is all on file! This is an obscene infringement of rights, and outright RICO violating organized crime of Kidnapping my son and extorting & abusing Lonna, using taxpayer money to do extreme criminal acts against a mother and a child.

Lonna had no record prior to these events with these specific criminals in Washington state using the legal system to perpetrate felony legal abuse on Lonna and baby River.

Lonna does not even have points on her license. She has a college degree and studied attachment parenting and emotional intelligence, as well as holistic health.

She is being attacked for being a young activist with a focus in holistic health.
Lonna and River NEED YOUR HELP!!

All the state representatives and officials, including judges at the WA State Superior and Supreme Court are aware of this case, and they need to know THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON STATE and OREGON STATE, as well as across the nation and globe, are also aware of this case!

They need to know the whole world wants a full investigation into the criminal actions already perpetrated against Lonna and River using legal abuse, and a full reversal of everything that has been done to them both by Adam Lewis, Nathan Cliber, and the State of Washington, including false Restraining Orders, & Extortion in the form of Child Support & CS Debt for a Kidnapping done to River.

Lonna demands full legal and physical custody of River Anderson to be restored to Lonna Anderson, prior to criminal action against the perpetrators of this racketeered 1st Degree Kidnapping & Child-Trafficking commences. 

Please sign to COMPEL Washington State Officials & Courts to intervene and investigate IN FULL & WITH A PUBLIC TRIAL (6th Amendment Right) Lonna and River's previous court engagements in full over the years of 2015 & 2016, as well as going into 2017.

These investigations should include full transcripts and public display of findings and reasoning, as well as temporary full legal & physical custody of River Anderson go to Lonna Anderson, before that public trial to take place, given River was placed with Adam Lewis on illegal grounds initially on 9/8/15 & 9/16/15, when much of the overt fraud and corruption of this case #15-500228-8 SEA became glaringly apparent. 



“We are looking more broadly than any one individual incident. We’re looking at the need for systemic reform and potential systemic breakdowns,” said Jill Habig, special counsel to the attorney general, on Wednesday. “The reason we’re disclosing this now is we’re at a point in the investigation where we need public engagement and input so we have a full, thorough and impartial investigation. We’re putting this out so people can contact us and provide information.” -sbsun


Title 42 US Code Sec. 1983, Sec. 1985, & Sec. 1986:
"Clearly established the right to sue anyone who violates your constitutional rights. The Constitution guarantees: he who would unlawfully jeopardize your property loses property to you, and that's what justice is all about."



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