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Stop Tolling The Narrows Bridge

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The current tolls enforced in crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge are choking out the working class and forcing the poor to either work in Bremerton or move entirely to Tacoma, cutting them off from the much needed support of friends and family. Families with only one vehicle are often forced to cross multiple times a day. Even with a pass, $5 multiple times a day every day of the week has been enough to completely jeopardize the stability of a considerable number of people. Old fines can't be dealt with through bankruptcy, so some are even at risk of losing homes they've lived in for years, over built up tolls. Every few months the toll goes up. It has already severely hurt the Pierce County Public Transportation system. The WSDOT website claimed that the toll wasn't supposed to go above $6, yet another part of the site announced plans to increase the toll to $6.50. When will it be time to stop it? If your vehicle has multiple axles, you could be charged as much as $20 for one crossing. This also hurts the economy and small businesses. Considering there's no other way to cross except an equally expensive ferry ride or a 3-4 hour trip around the edge of the sound, this toll is true highway robbery. It's extortion. It's time for the people of Kitsap and Pierce County to say "NO MORE!", otherwise the toll will just keep rising. Don't think $6 per crossing without a pass is enough for them, soon it will be $7, then $8. It will keep rising until we the people put a stop to it.

Keep up with the updates, some include valuable information on the status of the bridge bond. There's still considerable gaps in transparency, but I'll be releasing information as I come across it.

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