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I am looking for a family that adopted a male black dog (see pic) from the Regional Animal Services of King County in Kent, Wa. some where around the last week of October 2017.
A few weeks ago, I had to go out of town for my job, and I asked a friend that I thought I could trust if he would take care of my dog, Monster, while I was out of town. He said that he would. Apparently, I was wrong thinking I could trust him though, because not only did Monster go missing while in his care, but this "friend" didn't even contact me to let me know that my dog was missing. I had no idea that my Monster was out there all alone, probably looking for me. If he would've contacted me and told me that my dog was missing, then I would've come home to look for him, and I could've called the shelter and found out that he was there and got him out.
But, unfortunately, I wasn't given that option, because I didn't find out that he was even missing until I got back two weeks later.
By that time it was too late. It was too late, because I found out that the shelter adopted my dog out, they adopted him out, to you.
I understand why you picked him, though, and I love him for the exact same reasons.
But you see, I have had Monsters mama for 5 years now. Two years ago on Dec 6, 2015, she had her first litter of puppies and that's when Monster was born. When she delivered him, he wasn't breathing, so I blew in his nose to get him to start breathing. I was his first breath of life. For the past two years, ever since he was born, his mama and I have been the only family that he has ever known. And we both love and miss him dearly.
He is my best friend, and he means the world to me. I would give my last breath just to have him back. I feel like I have lost one of my kids.
Not only do I want him back, but I need him back. I have PTSD and Monster has been certified as my emotional support dog.
Please, I hope you can find it in your heart to contact me. This is not only for me, or even for his mama, she misses him dearly as well, but it's also for Monster. You have no idea how happy he would be to see see us!!

 Think how you would feel if this would have happened to you!!
I have been looking for him and trying to figure out a way to find you for over two months. This post is all I can think of...I am hoping and praying that you will see this and find it in your heart to contact me!!!
Thank you so very much!

Please everyone post it on your page.

The Regional Animal Services of King County have not helped in this situation at all. We need them to listen!

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