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Native Americans are an integral part of the cultural fabric of what it means to be an American. The Redskins name is based on a racial slur of these great peoples consisting of multiple tribes and groups all over the United States. We must stand up to the Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and Roger Goodell Commissioner of the NFL and let them know we will not stand for this! This name must be changed to show the NFL in no way, shape or form will tolerate racial inequality or injustice.

Letter to
Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell
U.S. House of Representatives
Owner Washington Redskins Front Office Dan Snyder
and 1 other
Assistant Director Communications Daniel Sampson
Dan Snyder and Redskins Front Office,

Upon learning that team owner Dan Snyder has absolutely refused to even consider changing the name of the team I write you with a troubled spirit. Being an African American with Native American ancestry on both sides of my family to think that a racial epithet such as Redskins continues to be the name of an NFL franchise is deplorable. Having staff members that are minorities I'm sure you a very aware of the tremendous oppression and disenfranchisement African Americans and other minorities have suffered here in the United States. I'm sure we can both also agree that none of the minorities and ethnic groups have suffered more in this country than Native Americans. Being a business owner myself I understand the importance of brand fidelity. I do believe however, that when someone has a chance to stand up for what is right that it must be done no matter the stakes. There are franchises that honor that Native American people with their brands such as the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL and the Kansas City Chiefs in your league the NFL. Redskins does not represent the dignity or historic culture of the Native American people in any way shape or form. However it does exploit the Native American people by using a derogatory slur made up by bigots. This is a Nation founded by people standing up to oppression and tyranny so knowing that , I must stand up and petition that the organization open a panel to consider changing this name.


Hezzie J. McCaleb Jr.
CEO\Co-Founder Barbershop Sports Entertainment, LLC

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