Help better the treatment of those with mental illnesses that are incarcerated

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There is over 1.2 million people with mental illnesses that are incarcerated for simple crimes like disordly conduct and trespassing. Even though these are still crimes they are punished far longer than inmates who do not have a mental illness. When in prison these people do not have sufficient care to treat them but are treated like regular inmates, and with this they begin to act out worse. I want to make a change a positive change. I would like there to be places built where the mentally ill can go after prison to live and receive treatment for free. These people do not have a reliable place to get help before crimes being committed or after being realeased due to poor insurance or not enough money, and when they are released they are less likely to be imitted into reliable rehab centers and usually end up back in prisons. I am an 18 year old senior from Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin and I know that there is hardly any places for the mentally ill to get proper treatment. Not only would supporting this petition help the mentally ill in prisons, but help prisons spend less money, considering that a mentally ill inmate is 130 dollars more expensive than a regular inmate. I believe this is a cause that is under looked and deserves the attention needed. The mentally ill deserve the same for anyone else and that is proper treatment, and treatment is extremely important. More and more rehab centers are closing and most of the prisons population is the mentally ill. Let us all come together and fight for the help of the mentally ill that are incarcerated. Just remember that the government or even my senator from Wisconsin can help me. Funding rehab centers to accept these inmates or even anyone with mental illness for no money or even just basic insurance would benefit everyone from the people needing treatment and tax payers. If I win this the amount of treatment available would be beyond beneficial to everyone, though if I lose everything could get worse meaning there might not be any treatment available for anyone except for the ones with extreme amounts of money and amazing insurance. Please, this is something not only I am fighting for but millions of other people including NAMI and MHA. 

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