Washington, overhaul the national electric grid, now

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Certainly, you should know, according to the Environmental Defense Fund, our national electrical system is delivered through a grid that has hardly changed in over a century. Because of this outmoded system, about two-thirds of the fuel used to produce electricity is lost in the process of generation and delivery.  President Obama and Energy Secretary Chu have announced plans to help build a smarter, more efficient energy grid that will save Americans money and reduce our global warming footprint. By modernizing and increasing grid capacity, we can deliver wind energy from the high plains and solar energy from the desert southwest to distant cities. This will encourage the development of more clean energy.  Washington must go forward aggressively with this essential effort, now.  As well, this should be combined within a green job movement.  "...There's a beacon in the sky, meant to catch your eye...", sung by Happy Rhodes.  Concentration on solar energy, no non-renewable energy resources and no nuclear, is what's needed.  We can't ignore reality, must prevent the point at which ecological destruction becomes irreversible, and humanity and large mammals are extinct, now, in the future; if not you, then who, now, then when, here, where, this, what?