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WASHINGTON OFFICIALS: Review the Judicial Ethics of Spokane County Family Law Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer IMMEDIATELY!

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Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer FORCED Billy Fisher to represent himself in family law court, despite his avid desire to NOT represent himself and objections to being FORCED to go "pro se", and not have the aid of legal counsel during the court hearing.

Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer says there isn't DUE PROCESS in family court, and that the SIXTH AMENDMENT RIGHT to have representation by an attorney DOES NOT APPLY in family law...

Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer REFUSED to allow a continuance on the matter, despite Billy's need for adequate legal representation and preperation, and FORCED Billy to be held to the same standards as a licensed attorney, despite his obvious lack of knowledge of the law and the family court system.

Commisioner Valerie Jolicouer REFUSED to allow Billy to even consult with an attorney prior to proceeding with court pro se.

Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer FORCED Billy's legal advocate from the court room, just for Billy looking to her when he was told to go pro se or leave and her shaking her head - removing the ONLY legal guidance Billy had in the court room.

Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer REFUSED to even discuss numerous motions submitted to the court by Billy Fisher, and denied almost all of them without cause.

Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer REFUSED to allow Billy to call witnesses to testify on his behalf (including witnesses already requested by his ex-public defender) because the Commissioner believed "they would all tell her he is a great dad, so we don't need to hear their testimony."

Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer REFUSES to allow Billy a leave to proceed to a different court to legally change his daughter's name from that of a confirmed sexual abuser, and is FORCING him to call her by that twisted name, despite the psychological damages that are being inflicted on both Billy and his child.

Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer THREATENED Billy with the PERMANENT ADOPTION of his daughter if he didn't stop fighting the ALLEGATIONS and do what CPS is demanding, despite their LACK OF EVIDENCE that he should not have his daughter in his care.

Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer's ETHICS and MORALS are obviously in conflict with the interest of DUE PROCESS and ETHICAL JUSTICE in the State of Washington.

It is time to IMMEDIATELY REVIEW THE JUDICIAL ETHICS of this Family Law Commissioner.

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