Ban Homework in Washington State

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The U.S. Education System has been failing for quite some time now, and part of that problem is the "homework" enforced by schools. American children are already forced to board a bus to a government mandated building and adhere to the rules of how to live and act in society for seven to eight hours, then comply to extra work. If each period or subject takes an hour to complete that would lead to 7 hours added to the 7 they've already endured. If they sleep the needed eight hours for brain function and growth, That leaves two hours which are usually spent doing sports and clubs mandated by the schools. This leaves no time to keep healthy relationships with friends, parents and significant others. What happens if they reject this system? They are labeled as failures and not allowed to get better paying jobs in the U.S. We need to ban homework in Washington State for K-12 Grade students.