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Stronger Search & Seige authority to uphold Wildlife Federal Law protection

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Animals are murdred daily in urban, as well as suburban and rural communities by inhumane individuals who think they can take the law into their own hands. Methods used include but are not limited to: setting transmission fluid in outside bowls and other containers; placing bleach combined with amonia in drainage, gutters, and open containers that not only Illegally kill wildlife but pets and even children if consumed. Federal law managed through the United States Department of Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife Services, PROHIBITS any individual to trap, capture, hunt, or shoot any of these protected wildlife animals (i.e., raccons, opossums, goundhogs, squirrels, moles, beavers, muskrats, snakes, skunks, and more) without a Class A, B, or C wildlife control permit unless they have a sport hunting or trapping license and do so ONLY during hunting season in designated areas. It is NEVER legal to poison any animals managed by these Laws. FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS USING ANY POISONS or CHEMICALS unless they are listed on the product lable.

I have observed, been told, and have supplied evidence substantiating poisons, and amonia combined with bleach being poured into gutters next door to my home; whereas, Law Enforcement Officers cannot demand release or obtain a warrant for the violating homeowner because "evidence is not strong enough to prosecute." Federal Law should take presedence over a homeowner who refuses to open a barracaded drain or gutter to enable saving the life of these protected animals. Federal Law should be enforced to protect the Agency or Organization that oversees the safety of wildlife as well as the welfare of pets and humans subjected to these poisons, etc.

Case in Fact: If the Humane Law Enforcement Office had the power to demand the violating individual to open their gutter, three baby raccoons not only would still be alive; BUT, the death of a baby opossum the next week would have been avoided.

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