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The Citizens of Fayette County Ohio against nuisance reporters

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We have a so called "news journalist" that wants to follow squad and Police all around the city at night for his own self gain and Facebook stats. We the citizens fear this is going to turn into someone not getting the help they need due to him thinking he needs to be on all these scenes and video other peoples downfalls. We need to let these men and women in our community  perform their duties with out the hindrance of a so called news reporter looking to feed his own ego. 

Here is just a couple of instances of him being a nuisance.

He has publicized false information, even exaggerated facts to get more views and higher stats.

He puts out live videos on crash scenes that the family have not even been notified of. No one should learn on a Facebook video that their family have been involved in an accident. 

He bad mouthed the law enforcement and sheriffs department any chance he gets.

He has exposed some of the men and women that work undercover with out law enforcement. He has not only put videos out with their vehicles but called them by name and even showed their license plate numbers. This alone can and will jeopardize the work of our law enforcement. Not to mention this puts these undercover officers and their family lives in danger.

So please sign this petition so we can get the process started of removing this nuisance from our community

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