Change in School System

Change in School System

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Started by Grafton Martin

My step son is being mistreated misguided and target by a schools administration.

My son attends a school in Washington County Maryland where his 504 plan is not being met 

***Update***We were told today, because they attempted to call only my wife not I nor his other emergency contacts, that if we didn't answer the calls to their time frame he would be removed from the school by deputy sheriffs and taken to the local hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

So let's run the timeline of events. 

2020 no issues.

2021, acts out in class a bit, cause it's a loud classroom between other classrooms.

He gets bullied but other students but he's made to sit aside from other students because it's easier to remove him

He's then given noise canceling headphones that look like what a nascar car pit crew uses. (So now he's got a giant target on his head to be bullied about)

A student throws a colored pencil at him, and he breaks its cause he got mad and it hit him, he's asked to be removed for the day.

We've had CPS at our house for "suspected" abuse of him & my wife with ZERO bruises on them yet multiple are reported

Then he leaves the school gets a quarter mile away we actually find him because we're coming to do a virtual meeting with his doctor, and just happen to drive up and see him on the street before the school, and when we bring him back without us being ever called, they call the police


So today an embarrassed child clogs a toilet at an elementary school. He then is scared to get in trouble and won't come out of the bathroom, so the next step is to call his parents and say you're not comfortable with him returning to the school .....  

Last week same situation happened because he slipped and tripped on pee and got embarrassed 

He's had his meds changed time and time to fit their desire, and we've been told point blank to our faces take him to mertius or BROOKLANE

ALL of this and a WCPS investigation that deemed there was no targeting but their answer was to remove him from the school, NOT the staff member

He currently has made friends, a routine, and normalcy but because of the staff will have to change all that.  

204 have signed. Let’s get to 500!