Keep “Dixie” as the name for Saint George!

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"St. George was given this nickname by the pioneers who settled here in 1861.

In October, 1861, Mormon Church President Brigham Young called 309 families to settle the St. George area. They had the express purpose of growing cotton, grapes, and silk for the territory and to export to the Civil War torn northern states. The area became known as "Dixie" because of the warm climate, southern location, and the products the area was able to produce. The area is still referred to as "Utah's Dixie". St. George was officially chartered as a city on January 17, 1862.

St. George and “DIXIE” are my heritage. I have 4 generations here and I’ll be damned that after 150 years that someone thinks this is an embarrassment and it’s rooted in slavery and wants to remove it. If you don’t like it go elsewhere. You can’t remove history! This is not ok!! We need a petition against it!!"

—Hailee Walters, Original Petition Author

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Recently I have teamed up with Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition (DSUHC) to continue with this petition and its goal.  I STRONGLY encourage you to join (for free of course) on their website. It only takes 5-10 seconds to do at