A Plea For Fair COVID Treatment for WA Fitness/Wellness

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Call the Governor/Mayor - Script

Please make a quick call to the governor/mayor's office to express your request for change!

Jay Inslee - 360-902-4111

Jenny Durkan - 206-684-4000

What to say? Hi, I’m calling in regard to the fitness mandate that went into effect August 10th. I do not support this change in fitness requirements. 

  • Safety is everyone’s priority and fitness spaces were already operating safely w/ 5 people per group class since June.
  • No known COVID cases tied to fitness spaces after being open for nearly 2 months
  • 300 square feet between clients in a fitness space is far stricter than any guidance given in any other state in US, where fitness is open. 
  • Many states have been operating at less stringent requirements for fitness studios and have not seen a spike in COVID cases. 
  • Our state has prioritized fast food, alcohol, tobacco and retail over fitness/wellness.
  • These small businesses will surely go out of business with the 300 sq feet mandate.

** Please add any anecdotal experience you have utilizing fitness/wellness services since June!


Team Sweeney + Team Sutton
1 year ago