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Washburn Enterprise: Stop cutting down healthy trees in large quantities! Stop destroying Wildlife! Get employees that are kinder to the public!

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Stop killing masses of healthy trees!

On the week of March 5, 2013 Washburn Enterprises near Keene, NH made the choice to take on a project that sent two workers to a quiet, peaceful housing complex in Keene, NH to destroy a lot of roughly about 20 beautiful, healthy pines that were about 25 plus years old. The mass of trees were not destroyed because they were dangerous or unhealthy, hazardous, or diseased, they were destroyed because they were not aesthetically pleasing and said to "have grown bigger than desired."

Washburn Enterprise made the choice to take on a project that robbed the direct community as well as the whole community of Keene, NH of their scenery, their nature, their oxygen, their yard, as well as homes to many animals. All of this in the name of money.

We know Washburn Enterprise is not the only one to blame for this appalling act. But they as a company constructed of concerned and ethical business people said "Yes," to a job that they should have said "No" to.

"Isn't the hitman just as guilty as the hirer himself, if even more so?"



Washburn, Please Take precautions to get animals and their babies out of the trees before cutting them down!

Some of the occupants of pine trees are Squirrels; birds including owls, hawks, eagles, thrushes, crows, jays, woodpeckers, robins, and many more; raccoons, porcupines, opossums; spiders, bees, wasps, butterflies, dragonflies, as well as many other insects; amphibians and reptiles.

The squirrels' young would be about 1-2 months old  have no hair or teeth, and would be virtually blind.

When asked what precautions this company took to get the squirrels and their babies out of the trees the worker said that the squirrels were the ones who "destroy the trees" and he exhibited an uncaring attitude towards the animals that make the tree their home. He informed us that they only tap the tree to get the squirrels out but do nothing to get the babies out of the trees.

More than half of the trees where ruthlessly and hastily destroyed within minutes of each other. They were simply chopped down without examining the tree. This left  the animals no time or warning to get their babies out.

After more than half of the trees were chainsawed down the workers then started to climb the remaining trees and cut off branches and the top of the trees before cutting them down because of the awkward postion of the trees. This approach gave them the advantage to look for any animals in the tree before felling them to the ground. They could have taken this more peaceful and concerned approach with all the trees but had chosen not to.

We would like to see you take this climbing approach with all the trees you have to cut down from now on.



Washburn, Please employ kinder employees that are nice to children and kinder to the general concerned public!


The community was traumatized and outraged at this act of pure haste and lack of concern for nature and what was their yard for many years. Many of the local citizens will have this ghastly destruction imprinted in their memory.

When met with the outrage and sadness and the strong protests of both the adults and chldren of the community one of the workers was sarcastic making fun of hurting the trees and the people who cared, he told the inhabitant "to go get a job", he angrily lunged at a 11-year-old boy, and called 6-year-old children "little shits".

This man should have exhibited a higher empathy and concern for the upset community. A professional business would employ workers that take time to care about the feelings and needs of their community.


"Only when the last tree dies, and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money" -Cree Proverb

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