Consult Local Residents on Road Safety

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We want Birmingham City Council to properly engage with the local community around road safety in Moseley and Kings Heath. The Council has recently committed £30,000 to experiment with closing School Road between Moseley and Kings Heath. 

As a result, this will force increased traffic into the vicinity of Kings Heath Primary School posing a significant danger to child safety. At the same time, the Council have cut funding for School Crossing Wardens with one already having been removed from Kings Heath Primary School. 

It is unacceptable to increase the danger posed to children and remove the very things that are supposed to keep them safe.

The £30,000 identified for experimental road closures could be used to protect Kings Heath Primary Crossing Wardens for two years. 

We feel that if local residents had not been excluded from meetings and if the consultation, that was promised by Councillors, had taken place many of these issues would have been resolved much earlier.

We ask the Council to:-

1) Consult local residents as promised
2) Make sure that the safety of children is a priority in any solutions