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Raise the Wages for Teachers Working for the Benicia Unified School District

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The Benicia Unified School District has a teacher problem. Not directly with the teachers, but a shortage of teachers, as well as the treatment of teachers. As a result of many teachers that may choose to move to districts with higher pay (such as Mt. Diablo Unified District, which gave an 8% raise over the course of two years), fourteen other teachers had to give up their prep period, which is the time they usually have to prepare for their other classes, to teach these vacant classes, devoid of an instructor.

The overloading of work from teaching six periods slow down the process of our grades, the students’ grade, for their classes being put in. The freetime they have to help us outside of class is limited as well, especially in the cases of Advanced Placement courses. Teachers that would write letters of recommendations to the top colleges we want to attend are now bombarded with loads and loads of extra work. This affects the students presently, and now the future of our education.

As a result of failed negotiations with the school district for a raise, the teachers are currently on a “work to rule” strike, which means the teachers would arrive at the time they start getting paid. As a result, doors are closed during snack, lunch, and after school for help on tests or homework. We won’t be able to have grades entered in for assignments that will increase our failing grades, and with the end of third quarter right around the corner, the grades will soon be finalized, unrepresentative of our work for this particular quarter.

We, the students, are asking the Benicia Unified School District to reconsider negotiating a raise for the hard work teachers are doing for us. We are asking for 500 signatures. If the Benicia Unified School District does not put forth these negotiations by March 17th, the end of the third quarter, a student walk out will occur at 8:30 that morning, and the students will walk to the Benicia Unified School District office in protest.

The plaque in the Benicia Unified School District’s office reads “We want all students to achieve their highest potential in an engaging, inspiring, and challenging learning environment”, If they want to these students to “achieve their highest potential”, please consider this for our teachers. Our third quarter grades won’t represent our highest potential if this doesn’t go through. Thank you.

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